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2.000 KG
Hydrogen Water

Micro‑electrolysis generates hydrogen for three minutes. The higher the mineral content in the water, the electrolysis effect is more strong and the higher the hydrogen content.

Electrolysis technology promotes the stable combination of hydrogen and water, with high hydrogen concentration and good stability.

It only takes 3 minutes to quickly electrolyze, change water quality, helps to improve metabolism and nutrient absorption.

SPE hydrogen‑oxygen separation technology replaces filter rods with higher hydrogen content. It can electrolyze pure water, add hydrogen that is more beneficial to health, and remove harmful ozone and chlorine.

容量: 380ML/Capacity 380ML

杯体材质:Tritan(塑料) /Borosilicate Glass(玻璃)
Tritan: 0-90° Borosilicate Glass:0-100°
🚀 fourth generation using an etching technique, production costs are high, the number of bore holes 576, a high hydrogen content, the time length of the hydrogen storage
🚀 cup body with jewelry grade glass material, high temperature, corrosion-resistant, stable performance
🚀 base with painting process, high wear resistance touch switch button +
🚀 Color : White / Black

Some Problems of Hydrogen Water Cup:
1. All three model can be used directly from water bottles
2. The time to make hydrogen is 3 minutes and 10 minutes. The bottom button takes 3 minutes once, and 10 minutes if pressed twice in a row. You can choose on demand.
3. The concentration of hydrogen is related to pressure. The longer the production time is, the greater the pressure will be, and the concentration will increase accordingly. We have done experiments, using mineral water bottles for continuous hydrogen production 10 times (once every 3 minutes).
4. Hydrogen concentration has nothing to do with time, but with temperature and pressure. At room temperature and pressure, the saturated concentration of hydrogen in water is 1600 parts per billion
5. The longer water with hydrogen concentration is kept, the lower the hydrogen concentration will be. Because hydrogen is a volatile gas.

1. 三款都可以直接使用矿泉水瓶
3.氢浓度和压力有关,制的时间越长,压力会越大,浓度随之会升高。 我们做过实验,用矿泉水瓶连续制氢10次(3分钟一次)


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